The KO eHealth Team

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Roxanne Perkins, BScN, RN
Director of eHealth

Roxanne is a First Nations Registered Nurse. As a nurse, she worked in acute care at the Thunder Bay Regional Health Center on a medical/surgical unit. Next, she began the process to become a Certified Diabetes Educator while starting her journey as diabetes nurse educator. For 7 years, she worked with clients to help them manage their diabetes including pregnancies, children with Type 1/Type 2 diabetes, adults with Type 1/Type 2 diabetes, those at risk for diabetes, and everyone in between. She learned how to be a Community Health Nurse/Public Health Nurse during the pandemic. She then transitioned to management where she worked as a Personal Support Services Manager and taught foot care to Registered Nurses. She worked as a Mobile Clinic Manager. Then, she tried something new as an Electronic Medical Records/Privacy Coordinator and helped a Health Department transition from paper records to an electronic system which brought her to where she is now. She recently started a new role as the Director of eHealth Telemedicine Services, at Keewaytinook Okimakanak.

She is learning every day and wants to acknowledge predecessor, Orpah McKenzie, who founded KO Telemedicine over 21 years ago to help bridge health disparities to Indigenous peoples across Ontario, Canada. 

Marie-France Berriault
Clinical Services Coordinator 

Bilingual in both French and English, Marie-France fell in love with nonprofits when she became a young adult. Inspired by travelling the world. Marie-France quickly developed a deep passion for helping others in the medical sector. With nearly 15 years in nursing, Marie-France has experience working in hospital settings, including medical/surgical expertise and specializing in Nephrology. 
Marie-France provides support to our Clinical Services team at KO eHealth and is happy spending her days keeping Northern Western Ontario an amazing place to live, one program at a time.

Arlene Sanderson
CTC Supervisor

Arlene is the dedicated and passionate CTC (community telemedicine coordinator) supervisor at KO eHealth. With more than a decade of experience under her belt, Arlene has been a valuable asset to the organization since April 2012. Her current role allows her to connect with CTCs from 27 communities, and she finds joy in hearing their stories – some heartwarming, others heart-wrenching.

Arlene takes pride in the strong rapport she has built with each CTC in remote northern communities. They trust her enough to share both their personal and professional experiences, making her feel grateful to be in this role for so long. She hopes to continue providing unwavering support for virtual care services for many years to come. Let’s give a round of applause for Arlene!

Wendy Sandberg, RPN
Development Coordinator

Wendy is a dynamic First Nations Registered Practical Nurse with 17 years of experience in neurosurgery, neurology, and plastic surgery units. After making the move to KO eHealth, Wendy has flourished in a variety of roles, including Informatics Educator and Community Telemedicine Coordinator. Her passion for connecting with community members has even taken her on the road, serving as a KO home and community care nurse. In her most recent role as Regional Telemedicine Navigator, Wendy has helped bring healthcare right to the homes of community members through the convenience of a simple, portable program. And now, as she transitions to the exciting position of eHealth Development Coordinator, Wendy will continue to expand eHealth initiatives and integrate cutting-edge technology into healthcare delivery in the district. This includes her new role as Virtual Mental Health Lead, overseeing NAN Hope Virtual Mental Health Services, as well as Teleophthalmology nurse, providing much-needed eye screenings for those with diabetes. But above all, Wendy’s favorite part of working at KO eHealth is building relationships with community members and spending time with elders.

Britney McNamee
Informatics Educator

For over six years, Britney has been an integral member of the KO eHealth team, based out of the Balmertown office. As a dedicated virtual worker, she provides invaluable support and training to staff and community members in 27 different communities. With a passion for technology and an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, Britney is always looking to the future of virtual care. But it’s not just about the technology for her – she also loves connecting with the nurses and physicians who make these communities thrive. Her favourite part of the job? Conducting test calls and witnessing trainees discover the endless possibilities of virtual care. Through her interactions with the Community Telemedicine Coordinators, Britney has gained a deep understanding of remote community living and the unique cultures of each First Nation.

Rhea Dela Cruz
Virtual Care Educator

Rhea dela Cruz is the Virtual Care Educator extraordinaire at KO eHealth. For the past 15 months, she has been dedicated to training newly hired Community Telemedicine Coordinators (CTCs) on how to expertly use peripherals and create eLogs. But that’s not all – she also conducts monthly refreshers for our full-time CTCs. And what does she love most about her job? Connecting with the friendly and approachable CTCs and getting to know them personally.

But outside of work, Rhea’s true passion lies in hosting family cookouts in her own backyard during the blissful summer months. Nothing beats the joy of gathering with her loved ones for a fun and delicious cookout.

Alana Kesick
Telemedicine Clinical Scheduler

Maxine Keesic
Telemedicine Clinical Scheduler

Maxine Keesic has been a devoted member of the KO team for many years, residing in Balmertown, ON. She has experienced the flexibility and growth opportunities that KO offers, allowing employees to take on various roles within the organization.

Initially joining the Finance Department in November 2015 as an Accounts Payable Clerk, Maxine later transitioned to a contract position as an e-Health Assistant Navigator for the Managed Service Model in September 2017. Following the success of this role, she then took on the responsibility of Health Clinical Scheduler before briefly retiring in 2020. However, her love for KO and the eHealth team led her to return as a part-time Scheduler in December 2022, with hours from 10 am to 3 pm – a perfect balance of work and personal life for Maxine.

Tanya Keesic

Candace Lavalley
Administrative Assistant

Meet the newest member of our eHealth team, Candace. With over 25 years of experience in administration and a mother of two adult children, she brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her role as administrative assistant to our eHealth Director. Based out of our Thunder Bay office, Candace is excited to collaborate with KO First Nations and other remote communities, and will even be traveling to our Balmertown office once a month.

Community Telemedicine Coordinators

Bethany Spence
CTC, Slate Falls First Nation

Meet Bethany, an adventurous soul and passionate outdoorswoman, hailing from a big, lively family of nine. As one of the youngest in six siblings (four brothers and two sisters), Bethany also dotes on her two nephews from her older sister. When she’s not out hunting, woodcutting, or camping, Bethany loves to stay active by playing sports like Hockey, Baseball, and Broomball. And of course, she always makes time to enjoy the company of her friends.

Bethany joined KO eHealth in June 2021 and has been loving it ever since. Not only does she get to work close to home, but she also has the opportunity to interact with patients and colleagues every day. She especially enjoys collaborating with the dedicated nurses and staff in the clinic. Joining the KO team has been a fulfilling and rewarding experience for Bethany, and she can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Janet Nicole Oshawe
CTC, Lac Seul First Nation

Meet Janet, also known as Niizhobiik, which translates to “Thunderbirds Roaming in the Sky,” and her dootem, or spirit animal, is the Lynx. Janet joined KO eHealth Telemedicine Services on May 1, 2018, and has been an integral part of the team ever since.

As a member of the client support team, Janet plays a crucial role in connecting community members with the larger healthcare system through direct video conferencing. But her job is more than just fulfilling daily duties – it’s her passion. Her coworkers are a constant source of support and laughter, making her job even more enjoyable. And the area she works in is a true reflection of her interests and motivates her to continuously learn and grow.

Janet believes that her work has a positive impact on the community as a whole, and that’s what truly drives her. She values the alignment between her personal values and those of the community. Outside of work, Janet loves staying active and spending quality time with her family. Her hobbies include playing baseball and volleyball, but her true passion is fishing.

As a proud mother of four children – one boy and three girls – Janet’s heart belongs to her partner, Rodney Kejick, who is the father of their children. With her strong work ethic and dedication to her family and community, Janet is a shining example of what it means to be part of the KO eHealth team.

Erickson A. Owen
CTC, Poplar Hill First Nation

Eric, also known by his spiritual name Wabishki Ma’iingan (White Wolf) and his animal clan, Moose, has been part of the KO eHealth team since September 6, 2017. As the Community Telemedicine Coordinator for the Poplar Hill site and eHealth Assistant, Eric ensures that telehealth appointments run smoothly in the community. In addition to keeping patients informed about their appointments, he also supports other CTCs in their role as an eHealth Assistant.

Eric is passionate about his job because of the strong bonds he has formed with his colleagues, who feel more like family. He values the well-balanced work environment and the constant learning opportunities that come with his role. With Eric on the team, KO eHealth is committed to providing top-notch telemedicine services for the community.

Ardelle Kamenawatamin
CTC, Bearskin Lake First Nation

Ardelle, a dedicated CTC at Bearskin Lake for over four years and a single mother to five children is passionate about her job and her colleagues. She has built strong relationships with them over time. In her own words, Ardelle values the supportive and positive work environment, as it allows everyone to thrive together. When she’s not at work, Ardelle keeps herself busy with sports in her community. She believes in promoting an active lifestyle and encourages her community to join in on activities like broomball, baseball, and volleyball. Her love for sports also led her to work with youth in the community since 2022, where she has seen incredible growth and progress in their skills and teamwork.

Andrew Moonias
CTC, Neskantaga First Nation

Meet Andrew – a passionate telehealth coordinator with 7 years of experience. Beyond his love for his community, he spends his free time indulging in hobbies like jogging, nature walks, fishing, sports, and enjoying a good read or movie. His commitment to his job and his community radiates in all aspects of his life.

River Kakegamic
CTC, Muskrat Dam First Nation

Meet River, our dedicated CTC in Muskrat Dam, since October 2021. Her passion lies in organizing and participating in the community’s monthly Elder’s Gatherings, where a warm and vibrant community comes together. As she puts it, “the turnout is always amazing, and the camaraderie is truly special.”

Brendon Patawanick
CTC, North Caribou Lake First Nation

Brendon, is a skilled Telemedicine Coordinator and has been with KO eHealth since 2017. His role is to keep patients informed about their appointments, procedures, and preparations beforehand. Brendon also goes above and beyond by assisting clinic staff whenever possible. He takes pride in his workplace and values his colleagues.

Annabella Gliddy
CTC, Wunnumin Lake First Nation

Annabella, a dedicated mother and grandmother, joined the KO eHealth team in April 20, 2004. Her role? To ensure that all Telemedicine appointments run smoothly and seamlessly. She goes above and beyond to make sure patients are contacted and arrive on time for their consults. Additionally, she is a valuable translator for community members and patients. She even arranges transportation when needed. Annabella is passionate about serving her community and helping her fellow members in any way she can.

Matilda Howson
CTC, Fort Severn First Nation

Meet Matilda – our talented CTC who has been a valuable member of the KO team since February 2020. When she’s not rocking her role, you can find her indulging in her passion for beadwork or riding her ATV along the stunning coastal landscape, on the lookout for polar bears during the warm summer months.

Connie Beardy
CTC, Kasabonika Lake First Nation

Meet Connie, our telehealth coordinator since February 2008. With 16+ years of experience as a CTC, she brings a wealth of expertise to our team. Her passion for connecting with people she wouldn’t have met elsewhere has been the driving force behind her role. As a devoted CTC, she is committed to providing the best care possible and looks forward to doing so for as long as she can.

Roseanna Kakekagumick
CTC, Keewaywin First Nation

Meet Roseanna, the Community Telehealth Coordinator (CTC) for Keewaywin and a graduate of Dennis Franklin Cromarty High School. With two years and ten months of experience at KO eHealth, she brings a wealth of knowledge and passion to her role. Her duties include ensuring patients are aware of their upcoming appointments and making sure they attend or cancel if needed. When she’s not working, Roseanna enjoys spending time with her family and taking care of her furry friends – four dogs, a cat, and a goldfish.

Keresia Beaver
CTC, Nibinamik “Summer Beaver” First Nation

Keresia Beaver is a proud member of Nibinamik, also known as “Summer Beaver”. In June 2019, she joined the KO eHealth team, where she plays a vital role in keeping patients informed about their upcoming appointments through OTN services. Keresia is grateful to work alongside such a welcoming and friendly group of people. She believes in the power of collaboration and is proud to be a part of the team. In her words, “Miigwech.”

Kristy Keesickquayash
CTC, Mishkeegogamang First Nation

Meet Kristy, a member of the Mishkeegogamang First Nation and our current backup CTC. She has taken over for the original CTC who is on maternity leave. Despite the temporary nature of her role, Kristy has already found it to be fulfilling and valuable, providing her with a wealth of new job experiences. In her words, “I am grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this team during this time.” We are delighted to have her on board and are confident she will bring great insight and expertise to our team.

Teddy Meekis 
CTC, Deer Lake First Nation

Meet Teddy – our experienced CTC for 12+ years. He’s the go-to guy in Deer Lake for coordinating appointments and ensuring all equipment runs seamlessly. Teddy loves being a part of the EHealth team at KO and collaborating with his fellow colleagues.

Cepra Sugarhead 
CTC, Kingfisher Lake First Nation

Meet Cepra, the dedicated community telemedicine coordinator in Kigfisher Lake First Nation, with over twenty years experience with KO. With a start as an e-Health Assistant, she thrives in her role as CTC and cherishes the opportunity to collaborate with her colleagues and other CTC’s. She’s in constant communication with them, making connections and progress on a daily basis.

Kristin Kakekagumick
CTC, North Spirit Lake First Nation

Kristin Kakekagumick is a dedicated Community Telemedicine Coordinator hailing from North Spirit Lake. Since joining the team in November 2019, she has quickly become known for her expertise and passion in the field. Beginning as a back-up CTC, she has risen to secure a full-time position and has since continued to expand her knowledge and skills on a daily basis.

Kristin’s days are filled with the rewarding work of connecting with patients, providing assistance when needed, and directing them to the best available resources. She thrives in the dynamic intersection of health and technology, and is grateful for the health resources provided by KO, which can be hard to come by in a small community.

Denise Troutlake
CTC, Webequie First Nation

Denise is an indispensable member of the KO eHealth team since January 2019. Her role is essential in keeping the community informed about their appointments. With a passion for her work and a strong sense of community, Denise is a valuable asset to our healthcare team.

Peggy Sugarhead  
CTC, Eabametoong First Nation

Peggy, is another of the dedicated CTCs (Community Telehealth Coordinator) working for KO eHealth. With over 30 years of experience in the clinic at Eabametoong First Nation, also known as Fort Hope, Peggy has been a valuable member of the team since July 3, 2006.

Peggy’s passion for her job shines through in her technical expertise and her love for working with people. She especially enjoys the role of interpreting for elders and has a strong focus on educating others about technology. Whether it’s helping patients or teaching others, Peggy consistently demonstrates her dedication and passion for her work.

Eunice Oombash 

Anastasia (Stasia) Achneepieskum (PT)

Christy Skunk 

Willie Koostachin

Livio Dunsford 

Paige Fiddler 

Rosemary Roundsky